Mums and dads love Little Rascals Nappies!

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They are thin and so soft, I never thought they would last my 20 month through the night. So I kept them as the 'day nappies' ... Until hubby put our son to bed in one and now they are his 'every day and night nappy'!


I really like the design. I like that it doesn’t have the wiggles or winnie the pooh. Just a nice, simple print

Gwen B

I love Little Rascals Nappies! They were just as good quality as the other brands and my little boy was kept dry every night!


They felt a bit cheap at first, probably because of how thin they were but that ended up being what I liked most, they looked better under clothes and they performed just as well as Huggies which is what we use mostly

Deanne S

The nappies are really soft and not too bulky. I really like the side flap on the front that most nappies in Australia don't seem to have

Steve B