Frequently asked questions

What are Little Rascals Nappies?

Little Rascals Nappies are a new Australian-owned brand of nappies available exclusively online, right here on this very website! 

Our nappies also have a hypoallergenic liner which is dye and perfume free to reduce irritation, and a unique blend of materials that are thinner yet more absorbent than many other brands - we call this blend Instant Absorption technology.   They look great under your baby’s clothes and most importantly, you’ll love how dry your baby is!

What sizes do Little Rascals nappies come in and how many do I get in a pack?

We cater for newborns through to 3 year olds and provide large value packs to keep you with enough nappies before your next delivery.

Size of babyWeight of babyNumber of Nappies
Newborn >8kg 168
Crawler 6-11kg 144
Walker 13-18kg 124
Toddler 10-15kg 108
Junior 16kg+ 92

For more information on the nappies click here.

How much do Little Rascals nappies cost?

We are focused on making sure Little Rascals are great value for parents, without compromising on quality.

Each jumbo pack costs $39.95 which will delivery you with as many as 164 nappies (see the chart above for quantities). Generally, it works out to be between around $0.24 - $0.43 per nappy depending on the size. We hope that each pack will last you around a month depending on your usage.

Can I buy the nappies just once or do I have to sign-up to recurring delivery?

We designed Little Rascals to take some of the work out of busy parent’s lives by letting them set and forget their nappy deliveries.

However, there are no obligations and no contracts so if you’d like to purchase Little Rascals only once, simply cancel your order after you’ve received your first delivery.  


How often will Little Rascals be delivered? How do I change my delivery details?

Little Rascals will automatically be set-up to be delivered once a month as we’ve found our nappy packs will last one month for many parents. 

You can change the delivery timing and delivery instructions to better suit your needs at any time though on your Manage Orders

How much do I pay for delivery?

$6.95 for all regular orders

Can I change sizes?

Yes, you can update your nappy sizes at any time on the Manage Orders page.  We cater to all ages, and we’ll send you reminders when we think it might be time to move up a size.

How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at any time up until within 72 hours of your next delivery.  Unfortunately we can’t cancel an order within 72 hours as our delivery will already be on its way to you.

How do I claim my discount if I refer friends to Little Rascals?

If you refer a friend to Little Rascals and they sign up for the free trial, your account will automatically be credited with $5 which will then come off your next Little Rascals payment.

You will only receive the discount for friends who sign-up.

Does Little Rascals give back to charity or the environment?

The team at Little Rascals cares about the impact we have on the environment and the future for our children.  Read more on our About Us page.

Can I find Little Rascals in retail stores?

Not at the moment!  Currently we are only available online.

Do you have an app? What does the app offer?

We are developing a Little Rascals app for iphone that will allow you to easily manage your orders on the go. It will provide a fast and easy way to change your delivery details and nappy sizes.

Do you have other baby products?

We will soon!  Little Rascals are currently developing other baby products such as baby wipes that you can order with your nappies. 

We’d love to hear what products you’d like to see from us.  Email us at to let us know.

Who are the founders of Little Rascals?

For information on the founders of Little Rascals and what they believe in, read our About Us page.

How do I contact Little Rascals?

We’d love to hear from you!

Visit our Contact Us page for details on the many ways to get in touch.

Are there weekend deliveries?

We only delivery Monday-Friday but to make sure you don't experience any delays any recurring delivery that falls on a weekend will be delivered on the Friday.