About us

Little Rascals is a new online provider of high quality, affordable nappies delivered to your door. 

Any parent knows that managing time, considering costs, and searching for quality, are fundamental parts of your life once you have a baby…if they weren’t already.  These three challenges were key in driving the Little Rascals founders to look at ways they could make life easier for parents, and the solution was Little Rascals!

We pride ourselves on the quality of the service and product we provide, and look forward to showing you that we can deliver on our promises.

Managing time

As a time poor Dad, our founder James, was always running out of nappies and a late night trip to the shops was never welcome.  What’s more, adding the bulky item to the shopping trolley was always a challenge too.  Little Rascals gives you back this valuable time as you can set and forget your nappy delivery.

Considering costs

Little Rascals has focused on cost efficiency without compromising on the quality of the nappies.  At $39.95/pack (more details here), they are more affordable than the leading brands.

Searching for quality

Little Rascals spent months scouring the globe to find a high quality nappy free from harmful chemicals such as chlorine. Our nappies also have a hypoallergenic liner, which is dye and perfume free.  Our unique blend of materials are thinner yet more absorbent than many other brands, and since they use fewer raw materials they’re better for the environment too.  Read more on the nappies here.

Our focus on quality doesn’t stop at our product, we’ve worked hard to provide the best possible website, mobile experience and delivery service as well.

Giving back

We care about the impact our products have on the world, and we care about protecting and creating a great future for our children.

Our environmental promise

We strive to balance our demand for quality with our passion for the environment.  We all know that nappies are not generally environmentally friendly, but sustainable forest management and the volume of raw materials used, were key factors in our search for the best product.  The absorbent cores of our nappies are made from pulp that has FSC, SFI and PCFC forestry management certification.

As we develop new products, we will always consider the impact on the environment while ensuring quality is not compromised.

As we grow, we look forward to sharing more news on how we will be giving back to the environment.

Our work with children

Obviously children are at the core of what we do.  We love our children and believe every child deserves a great start in life which is why we have partnered with The Smith Family.  The Smith Family are focused on helping disadvantaged Australian children get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.  It’s a cause we are passionate about and again, we look forward to sharing more news on our charity partnership in the coming months.

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  • Instant-Absorption technology
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Soft, stretchy tabs
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  • Flexible - no contracts
  • Set and forget
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