About Little Rascal nappies

For a product like nappies, there is no substitute for quality.  Little Rascals spent months scouring the globe to find a high quality nappy that is free from harmful chemicals such as chlorine. Our nappies also have a hypoallergenic liner which is dye and perfume free to reduce irritation, and a unique blend of materials that are thinner yet more absorbent than many other brands - we call this blend Instant Absorption™ technology.   They look great under your baby’s clothes and most importantly, you’ll love how dry your baby is!

Due to the superior absorbency, we also use fewer raw materials in each nappy, which makes it that much better for the environment too. 

Why Little Rascals?

  • Dry night & day
  • Instant-Absorption technology
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Soft, stretchy tabs
  • Home delivery
  • Flexible - no contracts
  • Set and forget
Size of baby Weight of baby Number of Nappies
Newborn >8kg 168
Crawler 6-11kg 144
Walker 13-18kg 124
Toddler 10-15kg 108
Junior 16kg+ 92

Just $39.95 per pack

(fr 24c per nappy)

We're sure you'll love Little Rascals!